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If You Think I Looked Angry at Opening Ceremonies... - Hollister in 2008!

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Casa de Swag

August 24th, 2006

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07:57 am - If You Think I Looked Angry at Opening Ceremonies...
A conversation I had last night with someone who ought to know better (I make significant allowances for people who have no Worldcon experience) who had just come from the Hollister in 2008 party infuriated me. This person somehow had interpreted what he'd been hearing at the (wonderfully decorated and run, BTW) Casa de Worldcon party as meaning that the committee had somehow nefariously subverted the ballot ("fixed" it) and arranged (how, I never determined -- maybe through me as head of the Business Meeting?) to have Hollister declared the winner. I asked this person, "How? Tell me how Hollister wins the election."

He said, "Well, if they get a majority of the votes, then they'd win."

I said, "No, they wouldn't. They haven't filed. They aren't actually eligible. It's all in the WSFS Constitution." Unfortunately, I didn't have a Souvenir Book with me, so I couldn't look up the appropriate rule (section 4.5.4, and no, I didn't remember the precise citation last night) and show it to him. He claimed to defer to my knowledge of the WSFS rules -- and frankly, in this case he should, as I was involved in drafting that section -- but remained unconvinced. He also expressed severe concern about how this was going to confuse those first-time Worldcon attendees who would not know how to vote.

I looked at him askance. "Do you really think a significant number of people who walked in off the street are going to want to stump up $40 to vote for a hoax bid? For that matter, do you really think that Hollister will poll enough votes to keep any bid from polling a first-ballot majority?" I guess he did, so to that extent the Hollister in 2008 Committee should be proud that we've managed to convince at lest one person that we are a certified Menace to Fandom. (Make sure to ask Cheryl Morgan for your ribbon saying so!)
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Date:August 24th, 2006 05:33 pm (UTC)
PS Was Open Ceremonies directly after the Hollister Party ?! Your title implies it d^:

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