Andrew Trembley (bovil) wrote in hollister2008,
Andrew Trembley


A new edition of Pacheco Progress (our regress report 2) is hot off the press, loaded with all sorts of useful information.

We would also like to note that we've named several agents for upcoming conventions, should you wish to register a pre-membership.

At Norwescon, look for dave_gallaher and Spring (dinogrl)
At WisCon, look for Cheryl Morgan (emcitdotcom)
At baycon look for kevin_standlee and Chris Garcia johnnyeponymous)
At Costume-Con 24, look for Andy (bovil) and Kevin (kproche)

Our membership drive is going well, we should easily be able to afford a L.A.con IV PR#5 ad and maybe a program book ad. We're also looking into badge-extender ribbons.

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